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At our office, we provide the types of services you would expect at a family practice dental office. What makes our office unique is the attention to detail that Dr. Swenson provides.

It is also important to note that you have options when restoring your teeth. Dr. Swenson will always suggest the best option, but will provide alternatives if possible. Not everyone can afford to have a badly broken down molar restored with a crown. There are cases where a large filling can be placed as an interim solution to these problems. At our office, Dr. Swenson will present you with your options, but you will make the final decision on all your treatment needs.


A patient recently asked when told that she needed a crown "don't dentists place fillings anymore?" The answer is obviously yes, but as our teeth and fillings get older, sometimes a crown is better (and often only) choice. For example, in this case these molar  teeth had multiple silver fillings for many, many years. Silver fillings depend on undercuts placed in the tooth for retention.  The larger the filling, the weaker the tooth. Eventually, the tooth supporting the filling breaks. The filling will usually stay in place for a period of time and will then come loose.  This is a situation where a crown is the only option.


All Porcelain Crowns and Veneers:

These are the most esthetic restorative options we offer. Veneers can be thought of as partial porcelain crowns. They are very thin. They form an incredibly strong junction with the tooth's enamel when bonded properly. Veneers are best for correcting small defects in the shape and color of the teeth.

All porcelain crowns are recommended when larger changes are necessary.


Dentures can be difficult to wear, especially a lower denture. However, by adding just two implants to anchor the denture retention can be SIGNIFICANTLY increased. The patient who wears this denture told me the cost of this lower implant overdenture was "The best money I ever spent!"


Novwadays, we have very esthetic tooth-colored composite resing filling materials that can be bonded directly to the teeth. Compostites are used to place esthetic fillings on the front or back teeth.


Bridges are one way to replace missing teeth. Adjacent teeth are used to support the "pontic(s)."